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  • Habbar 25

Habbar25 is a straight forward user-friendly, sturdy, economical and fishing-focused boat. It isn’t fancy by any means but is built to be the best for the job that entails being able to carry a load- including boxes, net and the catch of the day- while being easily towable.

Price -not inclusive of engines- 7,623 USD
Overall Length: 7.5m/ 25ft
Overall Beam: 2.1m/ 6.8ft
Passenger Capacity: 4
Fuel Tank: 425ltr
Water Tank: 160ltr
CE certified GRP Hull
GRP deck with antislip floor finish
GRP/Epoxy inbuilt fuel and water tank
Marine grade battery and switch
Bilge pump and auto switch
Fuel filter
Water pump
GRP storage bin [under back bench]
Anchor room and operable hatch
Bow seating with storage [optional, FOC]
Bow roller
Front SS towing U-bolt
Deck drains, plugs and covers
[4] SS cleats
Swimmers access ladder
Handrail for ladder