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Providing a boat for every need, Al Marakeb builds relationships with its customers as they build their own boats. Offering flexible customization options and payment plans, Al Marakeb dwells on safety, sustainability and quality.

Al Marakeb’s goal is to operate an efficient assembly line to maintain a high production rate that meets demand without compromising on quality, as well as to develop and foster a network of Al Marakeb boat owners.

Established in 2007, Al Marakeb is the reputable and fast-growing UAE-based manufacturer of high-performance recreational boats.
Providing exceptional products and services for both seasoned boat-owners and first-time buyers alike, Al Marakeb has made its mark on the industry with the introduction of a range of standard models that offer flexible personalisation options that befit different users- individual and commercial buyers- on a local, regional and global scale.
Al Marakeb has built a reputation based on safety, affordability, and consistency by using only premium products in the design and development of its powerboats. Taking customer requirements into consideration and utilizing the expertise of its in-house design consultant, Al Marakeb provides a boat selection process that is flexible, comprehensive and easy to understand.

Basel Shuhaiber
Managing Partner
Nour Al Sayyed
Vadim Yurchuk
Head of Production and Design
Mahmoud Ayoub
Technical Sales
International Sales
Perumal Muthusamy
Thomas Augustine